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Green growth indicators


Slovak Republic is one of the 34 signatories of the OECD Declaration on Green Growth, of 25th June 2009. By signing this declaration Slovakia acknowledged that the major challenges that all the countries face today include economic, environmental and social issues. Slovakia thus manifest the ambition to implement the Green Growth Strategy into its political system. In this perspective, Slovakia is also bound by a number of outcomes from the RIO+ Summit and other conceptual and strategic documents of the EU, OECD, and UN.

Hence, in order to successfully implement green initiatives, periodic monitoring and assessment of the efficiency of implemented instruments and measures are necessary. Outcomes of monitoring should serve the general public as well as the politicians in making decisions about further directions and implemented strategies.

Selected indicators characterize Slovakia's initial position as seen from the perspective of the green growth and were to be used as a measuring tool before further steps are taken in the process of implementation of this strategy and for a complex assessment of the future trend of the Slovak economy.

Present set of green growth indicators comprises 32 individual indicators that are relevant in Slovakia's conditions. Four of them are national indicators that describe voluntary instruments of the environmental strategy.

Indicator Trend evaluation
Environmental and resource productivity
Carbon and energy productivity
Energy productivity +
CO2 productivity +
Energy intensity in sectors of the economy +/-
Share of energy from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption +
Contribution of electricity produced from renewable energy sources +
Resource productivity
The amount of generated municipal waste and the rate of their recovery +
The amount of generated waste (excluding municipal waste) and the rate of their recovery +/-
Water productivity +/-
Nitrogen and phosphorus balance +/-
Material productivity +
Natural asset base
Renewable stocks
Intensity of surface water resources exploitation +/-
Forest growing stock +
Intensity of ground water resources exploitation +/-
Trend in the size of forest land +
Non-renewable stocks
Geological mineral reserves +/-
Biodiversity and ecosystem
Changes in the use of lands -
Endangerment of fauna species n.a.
Endangerment of flora species n.a.
Environmental quality of life
Environmental health and risks
Exposition of the public to air pollution by particulate matter (PM10) -
Air quality in urban areas +
Population exposure to air pollution PM2.5 -
Environmental services and amenities
Average life expectancy +
Connecting the public to the public sewerage system +/-
Connecting the public to the public water supplies +
Economic opportunities and policy responses
Prices and taxes
Electricity and gas prices for households +/-
Share of taxes with environmental aspects in GDP and in total tax revenues -
Average price for production, distribution and supply of drinking water +
Expenditures on research and development in selected areas +/-
Voluntary instruments of environmental policy
Green public procurement n.a.
Environmental product labelling -
European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) +