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Indicators are measurable variables, providing information on the development and trends of phenomena and processes in quantitative and qualitative terms.

This section is devoted to environmental indicators, or to the indicators related to the environment, as a crucial element in the process of evaluating the state and development of the environment towards the efficiency of meeting the given environmental objectives, as well as towards sustainable development. They significantly help in planning, setting policy objectives, including inspection of their implementation, and in establishing the follow-up measures and tools towards achieving them in different conceptual and strategic documents. They are also the comprehensive source of information on the status and development of the environment and related aspects for the general public. They also constitute an important basis for subsequent drafting of relevant report types.

Slovak Environment Agency processes and periodically evaluates different sets of indicators, namely:

  • Key indicators
  • Sectoral indicators
  • Sustainable development indicators (SD)
  • Green growth indicators
  • Resource efficiency indicators