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Sectoral indicator reports


A specific product of reports on the environment of the SR is the so-called "sector reports" or reports on the state of implementation of environmental measures in selected sectors of the economic activity. The integration of the environmental policy in the sector policies was initiated at the summit of the Council of Europe in Cardiff in 1998. The Councils of Ministers of the EU were obliged to draw up a set of measures for interconnecting sector and environmental policies and the mechanism for monitoring these processes. Thus, the sector reports have become an instrument of this monitoring.

The first sector reports were drawn up at the SEA in 2005. Since then, the sector reports were evaluated and published regularly every two years. During this period, more changes were made, either process-, content- or presentation-related changes. The last revision of the whole process of evaluating the impact of selected sectors on the environment by the SEA was performed in 2014.

The development in the following six selected sectors of the economy of the SR is evaluated:
industrial production, energy sector, transport, agriculture, forestry, and tourism,

that can be considered to be, with respect of their character, the most important in terms of the impact on the environment and the resource utilization. The evaluations are based on methodologies of international organisations (the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Environmental Agency (EEA)).

The process of evaluating impacts of selected sectors on the environment is fundamentally implemented by means of evaluating a set of indicators grouped into the individual units according to the following key questions:
  • How are the environmental principles and targets implemented that are related to the sector in the strategic documents at the SR and EU levels?
  • What is the condition and directing of the sector in relation to the environment?
  • What are interactions of the sector and the environment?
  • What is the response of the society to mitigating or compensating negative consequences of the sector on the environment?

The last sector report that was drawn up in 2017 is the joint report called ”Are the sectors of the economy of the Slovak Republic becoming greener?“. The publication is compiled of the most important information and findings in the individual indicator sector reports.