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Are the sectors of the economy of the Slovak Republic becoming greener?

Publisher Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic, Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 1, 812 35 Bratislava; Slovak Environment Agency, Tajovského 28, 97 590 Banská Bystrica
Editor Ing. Slávka Štroffeková, Ing. Zuzana Lieskovská, Slovak Environment Agency
Cooperation Publication compiled using data and information provided by the institutions cited as sources.
Language en
Level national
Year 2017

Ing. Juraj Vall, Ing. Slávka Štroffeková, Ing. Ľubica Koreňová, Ing. Beáta Kročková, Mgr. Peter Kapusta, RNDr. Radoslav Považan, PhD., Ing. Pavol Weiss, PhD.

The publication "Are the sectors of the economy of the Slovak Republic becoming greener?" assesses the development in some selected sectors of the economy that can be considered, with regard to their character, to be the most important from the perspective of their impact on the environment and utilization of resources. They are the following sectors:

The objective of the assessment is to point out to what is the progress in the development in the aforementioned sectors relating to decreasing the negative influencing of the environment and more effective utilization of resources where achieved trends are positive and where at present Slovakia has “weaknesses” on the way of its transition to a low-carbon, green and competitive economy.

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