State of the Environment Report of the Slovak Republic 2005

Publisher Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 1, 812 35 Bratislava Slovak Environmental Agency Tajovského 28, 97 590 Banská Bystrica
Editor RNDr. Jozef KLINDA, Ing. Zuzana LIESKOVSKÁ et all.
Cooperation Sections and several departments of MoE SR, SEA Centres, SO SR, MoA SR, MoTPT SR, NRA SR, MoC SR, MoEC SR, MoI SR, MoH SR and other institutions cited as the information sources
Language en
Level national
Edition issued only on CD-ROM
Pages 299 pages
Year 2007
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Complex Env. Monitoring and Information System
Components of the Environment and their Protection
Flora and Fauna
Major Cummulative Environmental Pressures
Nature and Landscape Protection
SR Environmental Regionalisation and Loaded Areas
State of the Environment - Causes and Consequences
Economic Sectrors and their Impact on Environment
Public Health
Environmental Risk Factors
Physical Risk Factors
Chemical Risk Factors
Accidents and Nature Disasters
Environmental Care
International Co-operation
Content and Abbreviations