Capacity Building

In 2003 the European Commission, Directorate General for Environment, decided to launch a project in the 10 Phare countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) aimed at improving the implementation on regional and local level of the following directives:

  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (Directive 96/61/EC)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Directive 97/11/EC)

Each country selected 4 to 8 pilot areas in which the training took place. The training comprised regional workshops in each pilot area (in some countries some of the regions were clustered) plus national workshops. Two Multi-country Workshops, where the 10 participating countries could exchange experience and views, were included in the project.

Additional to the training some assessments, recommendations and strategies have been made:

  • The capacity of the regional/local authorities in the pilot regions was assessed in advance of the training. An assessment report from each country as well as a summary was produced.
  • Recommendations have been made as to possible revisions of the national regulations (1 national report from each country for EIA and 1 for IPPC, as well as a summary report)
  • Strategies have been developed in each country on how best practise in general as well as training could be disseminated.

The project was initiated in December 2003 and was finalised in June 2005.

The project has been implemented and managed by a Consortium comprising 4 international consulting companies (Carl Bro, COWI, DHV and Milieu) assisted by national companies in the 10 Phare-countries, including subsidiaries of the consortium companies.

Output overview

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Capacity Review Report Microsoft Word Document
Capacity Review Reports - Review and Summary Microsoft Word Document

Training Materials

National EIA Workshop

Training Materials:

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National Workshop on Common Issues

Training Materials:

Training Report Microsoft Word Document

1st Regional EIA Workshop

Training Reports:

2nd Regional EIA Workshop

Training Reports:

Guidances on EIA



Recommended Revision

Proposals for Revision of Existing Administrative Regulations Microsoft Word Document

Dissemination Strategy

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