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Waste Management


The legal framework for waste management in the Slovak Republic is provided for by the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 223/2001 Coll. on waste and on amendments and supplements to certain acts as amended (hereinafter the Waste Act). The Waste Act defines key terms, sets out basic requirements for waste management and obligations for facility operators performing waste management activities.
The legal framework for waste management in the European Union is the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2008/98/EC on waste and repealing certain Directives.
The Catalogue of Wastes
The Catalogue of Wastes has been established by the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of the SR No. 284/2001 Coll. (hereinafter Decree).

The Catalogue of Waste consists of:

1.  the list of groups, subgroups and types of wastes
2.  the list of hazardous characteristics of wastes according to the Basle Convention
3.  the list of groups of wastes subject to control and the list of harmful substances according to the Basle Convention
4.  the list of criteria for the assessment of hazardous characteristics of wastes.

Information and monitoring systems

  • Partial monitoring system Wastes
  • Indicators: Wastes
  • IS of management of waste from extractive industries
  • IS Electro
  • IS Packaging
  • IS Wastes
  • Register of waste recovery facilities
  • Landfills operated