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SEA Participants

Who can be a participant to SEA process? And their definition under the law:

  • contracting party is a person who ensures a strategy document development,
  • competent authority is the government authority fulfilling the obligations in the area of environmental impact assessment; it is the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE SR) and a district office,
  • departmental authority is a central government authority, if it concerns the assessment of strategy document impacts with national coverage, it is a body which submits the strategy document draft to the negotiation of the Slovak republic government,
  • approving authority is a public administration body competent to approve a strategy document,
  • affected authority is a public administration body whose statement is required before a strategy document is adopted or approved,
  • affected municipality is a municipality the territory of which the proposed strategy document relates to, or whose territory may be affected by the adoption of proposed strategy document,
  • public is one natural person, legal entity or more natural persons or legal entities, their organizations or groups,
  • concerned public means the public which is or may be interested in the development of strategy documents before their approval,
  • non-governmental organization promoting environmental protection is a civic association, non-investment fund, nonprofit organization providing community services, exclusive of the one founded by the state, or foundation established for the purpose of creating or protection of environment or conservation of natural values,
  • professionally qualified person is a natural or legal person, registered with the SR Ministry of Environment in a specific list under MoE SR Decree no. 113/2006 Coll., laying down details of professional competence for the purposes of environmental impact assessment.