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Public participation

How can the public get involved in SEA process?

Complying with the principle of democracy is respected by informing the public about strategy document drafts, and also by allowing the public to access directly into the process of their assessment.
Informing of the public is provided through the web sites of the competent authority, an official board, through the media and affected municipality.

The public has an opportunity to comment in writing on the proposed strategy document within the period of publication of the notice, scope of the strategic document assessment and environmental impact statement, and subsequently to take part in consultations and public hearing of the environmental impact statement, when the discussed issue is recorded in the public hearing record. Public opinions must be considered and evaluated in the expert review and final review of the competent authority.

In the act, within the general concept of the public, a term ”concerned public” is earmarked. When assessing the strategy document impacts, the concerned public includes a natural person over the age of 18, a legal entity and citizen initiative. When assessing the strategy document impacts, the concerned public has a right to participate in the preparation and assessment of strategy document impacts up to the strategy document approval.

Where is the SEA process documentation published and archived?

Documentation from impact assessment procedure is published in electronic form on the web site of the competent authority within a complex information system and is available to the general public. Comprehensive documentation is archived for 15 years after the end of the assessment process at the MoE SR, district offices and EIA documentation centre in the Slovak Environment Agency in Banska Bystrica.