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Environmental Burdens


Environmental burden is a site, where hazardous substance caused by human activities, poses a significant risk to human health or to the environment, soil and groundwater, except environmental damage (Directive 2004/35/EC).
Potential environmental burden is a site, where presence of contaminated soil is reasonablyexpected (potential soil-contaminating activities have taken place in the past).
Originator is any person whose activities cause an environmental burden, except in cases where:
a) the state has undertaken the obligation to remedy an environmental burden under an agreement concluded before the coming into effect of this Act or under a decision of the government of the Slovak Republic, or
b) the environmental burden was created as a result of waste disposal in accordance with a valid permit. Remediation of environmental burden are works carried out in the environment, groundwater and soil in order to eliminate, reduce or contain the contamination to a level of acceptable risk, with respect to current and future land use.
Legal regulations of the Slovak Republic

  • Act No. 409/2011 Coll. on certain measures in relation to environmental burdens and on the amendment of certain acts (The Act entered into force on January 1st, 2012.)
  • Act No. 569/2007 Coll. on geological works (Geological Act), as amended (The Act entered into force on January 1st, 2008.)
  • The Regulation of the MoE SR No. 51/2008 Coll. Implementing the Geological Act (The Regulation entered into force on February 15th, 2008.)

Strategic document
The State Remediation Programme of Environmental Burdens (2010 – 2015) [SK] represents the basic strategic document for management of contaminated sites in Slovakia, which determines the tasks to gradually reduce the negative impacts of environmental burdens on human health and the environment. The programme is in full compliance with the Water Plan of the Slovak Republic.
Guidelines of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE SR)

Projects focused on the issue of contaminated sites

 Funding of environmental burdens

  • State budget supports funding of environmental burdens according to the State Remediation Programme of Environmental Burdens (2010 – 2015). [SK]
  • Environmental Fund provides financial support in the form of grants and loans. There are 8 specific areas (A – H) in 2014. The area F – Investigation, research and development focused on identification and improvement of the state of the environment – will support the issues of environmental burdens.[SK]
  • EU Funds – Cohesion Fund and European Regional Development Fund - The co-financing from EU funds is implemented through the Operational Programme Environment (2007 – 2013) through its 5 priority axes. The issue of environmental burdens belongs to the priority axis no. 4 Waste Management. Projects can be funded till the end of 2015 according to EU rules. The Operational Programme Quality of Environment is the new operational programme for the next programming period (2014 – 2020). Financing of environmental burdens is planned by the priority axis Sustainable use of natural resources through the development of environmental infrastructure.[SK]
  • Private sector takes part in financing the issue of environmental burdens in particular the obligations under the Act No. 409/2011 Coll. On certain measures in relation to environmental burdens and on the amendment of certain acts. Act No. 409/2011 Coll.