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About Enviroportal

About Enviroportal

Enviroportal is a basic platform for publishing outputs of information systems. It provides authorized and verified information on the environment in Slovakia and abroad, serves to users for a uniform access to information in environmental field. 

Content, design and technical changes to the portal reflect the increasing computer literacy of users, technical progress as well as the tasks performed by the Ministry of the Environment and its organizations.
With regard to the fact that the portal covers a wide range of environmental problems, it is possible to search for information in two ways:
by a type of a subject / user (Agenda) and
• by a type of information requested.

The role of the bookmark Agenda is to provide citizens, businesses and public administration targeted information, to address specifically their needs, demands, rights and obligations under Slovak legislation in force. In this part, the website visitor will learn more about the state of the environment in its neighborhood, but he/she will also find there many answers to specific problems, such as how to proceed in felling a tree, what are the rights of citizens in the process of assessing the impacts of proposed activities on the environment etc.

In addition, users can on the home page choose from Environmental Themes, Information and Monitoring Systems and Documents that will provide him/her general information about the given topic. At the same time, he/she will be provided links to institutions, organizations and companies that deal with the given theme in more detail.
The aim of the portal is to provide updated and guaranteed professional information and facilitate orientation on the broad topic of the environment. Slovak version of Enviroportal is daliy updated.

A few facts from the portal’s history
Enviroportal´s predecessor was the Information Portal on the Environment, which was launched under Law 251/1995 Coll. on the State Information System (1995) and the Concept of the Environment Information System. IS Environment was put into operation in 1996. The objective of the portal was collecting, evaluating and publishing of information on the environment. Enviroportal became its successor in 2005 and it was functioning almost unchanged until the end of October 2011.

The Ministry of the Environment of the SR entrusted the Slovak Environment Agency to build and operate the IS Environment.

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