Sectoral indicator reports


Sectoral indicator reports are one of task outcomes listed in main task program of the Slovak Environmental Agency and Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic that is titled as Impact Assessment of Selected Sectors of Economic Activities on the Environment and Implementation of Environmental Aspects into Sectoral Policies.

Within the task, sets of indicators and sectoral indicator reports are completed for agriculture, forestry, transport, energy, industry, and tourism. The reports, in full, assess a correlation between economical sector and environment through environmental indicators and are focused on key questions and issues.

The set of environmental indicators, arranged by D-P-S-I-R model, serves as a theoretical base for preparation of sectoral indicator report. The main priority of the report is to understand causal-consequential correlations between an activity of human being and state of the environment by means of D-P-S-I-R causal chain link and in such way to offer an innovative view of the state and trend in the environment through the integrated assessment.

The report is focused to answer three key political questions:

  • 1. What is current state and trend of the sector in the Slovak Republic?
  • 2. What impact does the sector have on environment in the Slovak Republic?
  • 3. Does environmental effectiveness of the sector in the Slovak Republic increase?

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